Senior Reflections In The Time of COVID-19

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  1. admin

    Such strong, personal reflections. Thank you both for sharing your stories with the world and good luck on choosing your colleges!

  2. Tamara Davis

    Wow. Such reflection and maturity in these words. A fire, a local mudslide, and a pandemic all in one high school experience! And that doesn’t even include our concerning national politics. To think back on my own high school daze, the only disruptions were a few snow-days and tornado drills back in Michigan in the late ’90’s. These articles help explain the upset recent unfortunate events have caused in the hearts and minds of OVS seniors, and yet the writers also touch on an awareness of the world at large. Resilience, flexibility, and empathy are themes noted here, but those traits–developed via these uncertain times–will endure beyond graduation.

    Take care, guys. Good luck out there.

    – Mrs. Davis (OVS summer camp teacher, alum’s wife, and mom of two kids at Lower)


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