Presidential Participation

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  1. Mr Sittig

    Clinton is getting older but he still has those dreamy eyes.

    I wonder how the students are feeling about this. Do they feel like it really will enrich their educational experience? What will different students hope to get out of this event? Have they done any special work or research in preparation for this? If they have the opportunity to ask Mr Clinton one question, what would it be?

    • Mr Sittig

      Note: The comment above was posted to an earlier version of this article, written before the students attended the event.

  2. John Valenzuela

    Recently I met Doug Silliman, the US Ambassador to Kuwait who is very interested in creating educational opportunities between the US and Kuwait. Check out his biography at: His biography shows a wide range of professional development opportunities internationally. Students interested in political affairs and international relations can begin looking at these different paths, and how education can intersect.


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