A Labor of Love

Learning Center teacher Kirste Macintyre has taught at OVS for 14 years, having worked with students in the elementary, middle and high school divisions. She is widely known for her devoted work with her students and her unflinching advocacy on their behalf.

Rockin’ The Vote!

In November, a handful of seniors at the Upper Campus took part for the first time in the electoral process, prouding adding their voices to the political fray.

The Science of Snacking

Every year, biology teacher Lisa Boys takes her students into the kitchen and teaches them to make pretzels and yogurt. There's more science there than you might think, as students explore the process of fermentation before getting to snack on their science experiments.

Spikeball Mania!

Spikeball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation, and OVS history teacher Zach Byars is doing whatever is necessary to increase its popularity at this school and beyond.