Beach Buddies

During the first community service opportunity of the school year, OVS students of all ages embarked on a beach cleanup trip. The outing allowed students to help local wildlife while also learning the importance of taking care of the environment.

Long Live The Monarchy!

Once again, the Upper Campus is experiencing a surge of monarch caterpillars, which feed on milkweed planted around the school, anchor their chrysalises to buildings and bushes and eventually emerge as beautiful butterflies. OVS has been home to a sizable monarch population over the past decade, prompting teachers and students to take measures to protect this endangered species.

From Court to Classroom

OVS English teacher Terry Wilson, fascinated by a New York Times article, assigned her AP students reading from a court case involving racist teenagers. Those teenagers were required to read well-known books, including Reading Lolita in Tehran, that explore the issue of racism and discrimination in society.

College Exploration

Nearly 50 OVS sophomores and juniors participated Wednesday in a long-standing Upper Campus tradition — the Ventura/Tri-County National College Fair. This year’s fair was held at Camarillo Airport and featured representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities worldwide, ranging from American University in Washington D.C. to York University in Toronto, Canada.