Leaping In To Black History Month

French teacher Helena Pasquarella lead a Leap for the month of February celebrating Black History Month. The group worked together to discuss issues that people of color have faced in America, and hung up posters in the hallways with questions and art.

Love Letters for Valentine’s Day

When OVS Alumni Relations Director Wendy Tremiti saw the plea for Valentine's Day cards from a 104-year-old Marine Corps veteran, she knew exactly what needed be done.

Healthy Habits

Senior Megan Manion writes her opinion on an extreme diet and lifestyle: alternate day fasting. Along with three other students, every other day, she only drinks water for 36 hours. Though some are skeptical of ADF, an array of health benefits have been associated with this trend.

Sharing the Love

When it came time for Thacher School junior Grace Huber to fulfill a longtime dream and get involved in competitive high school robotics, she looked over the hill and about three miles southeast, where the OVS robotics team was willing to share how it had established a winning tradition.

The Legend Returns

After years of helping build the robotics program from scratch, OVS alum Leo Liang is returning to take part in Saturday’s inter-league robotics tournament in Palmdale. But this time he’s not building the robots, he’s judging them. 

Talking Tubers

This year, students have the opportunity to be part of a new speaking competition called Spud Talks, a public speaking platform that will give the student body the ability to share their individual ideas and individual identities. Participants are able to choose their own topics, which will all come under the larger theme of “Retrospect.”