Opening Lines of Communication

Students in Spanish 3 Honors use Skype to connect with Spanish speakers in Oxnard as part of a new initiative to use technology to help build speaking skills. Through rapid-fire questioning, students in both classrooms learned plenty about each other.

Braving the Rapids

If Outdoor Education is about teaching perspective, then the whitewater rafting trip to the Kern River should get an A! Fourteen students and two teachers braved the rapids of the Kern this past weekend, learning to work together to navigate the rough waters. The trip also included a more gentle tour of the giant Sequoias that grace the west side of the Sierra Nevada.

Peeling Back the Layers

Guest artist Larry Mullins, father of sophomore Maya Mullins, contributed his talent and expertise recently to art students at the Upper Campus. His observational and layered style is reflected in the work he did with the art students, who focused on creating acrylic oil skins. A professional artist by trade, Mr. Mullins describes himself as a process artist, which emphasizes the actual process of creating art rather than embarking with a set plan or end goal.

Producing Results

As he was earning a degree from Columbia University's vaunted fine arts graduate program, OVS alum Chris Cole turned an early interest for documentary filmmaking into the business of producing films for the big screen. His movie, Entonces Nosotros, was recently screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Battle of the Bands

OVS students recently participate in the Ojai Valley Relay for Life Battle of the Bands, a benefit concert to raise money for the Ojai event. OVS freshman Avery Colborn (left) took first place in the epic battle, while seventh grader Beckett McDowell took third place.

Set In Stone

Starting in her freshmen year, Alexa Jennings began making her own jewelry, cultivating over the years a minimalist, nature-inspired style. The OVS junior has since launched her own brand, called Sea Stone.