These Boots Were Made For Riding

After much hard work, the OVS Upper and Lower Campus barns have reopened and welcomed back riders. The equestrian staffs on both campuses have worked tirelessly to get the signature program up and running again.

Staff Profile: Jose L. Maldonado

We all know him as the ray of sunshine that loves to give students a ride up the hill in his little tractor. Jose L. Maldonado is a key member of the equestrian team  at Ojai Valley School’s Upper Campus, performing a range of duties from feeding the horses to barn upkeep.

Amending the Amendments

Despite not being able to complete the Amendment Project in its typical manner, OVS government students adapted to the circumstances and amended the Amendment Project.

Staff Profile: Manny Lopez-Calderon

As the maintenance supervisor at the Upper Campus of Ojai Valley School, Manny Lopez-Calderon puts plenty of heart and soul into his job. He's also a good guy, and a favorite of students and teachers alike.
JM enjoying the OVS Upper Campus pool .

New Kids on The Block

Each school year, exceptional and talented individuals attend Ojai Valley School. Among these include three new and outstanding students; Emma Watanabe, Jean-Michel Lin-Hurtubise, and Alana Mollison.