Divided Learning

OVS students and teachers have become familiar with the new technology and practices needed to educate online and in-person students, but the community feel of OVS is not something that can be transferred through a screen.

The Great Return

Feeling the strength of community and the radiation of gratitude throughout the campus, OVS senior Adam Pepper-Macias—who serves as publications editor for On The Hill— reflects on his experiences after returning to in-person learning.

Casting Ballots

If OVS students had their way, Joe Biden would have been president on Tuesday night. Those were the results of a school-wide mock election held this week at OVS, which had Mr. Biden winning the presidential election 75% to 25%. 

Rocking The Vote

With an historic presidential election at hand, a handful of Ojai Valley School seniors put their pens to their mail-in ballots and took part first hand -- and for the first time -- in United States democracy.