Set In Stone

Starting in her freshmen year, Alexa Jennings began making her own jewelry, cultivating over the years a minimalist, nature-inspired style. The OVS junior has since launched her own brand, called Sea Stone.

Rockin’ The Vote!

In November, a handful of seniors at the Upper Campus took part for the first time in the electoral process, prouding adding their voices to the political fray.

Time is on Their Side

Even though he was teaching a generation of kids who don’t rely on classic clocks to tell time, guest artist Chuck Burright recently reminded students at the Lower Campus about the value of time, helping them construct their own, creative timepieces.

The Wreckage Left Behind

There is no feeling in the world like finishing a good book. It's like a slap in the face, or getting a bucket of ice water poured on your head. It's a jolt that causes me to realize that I haven't been in my body for the past – a glance at the clock – seven hours.

Shaping More Than Clay

For the third year, Upper Campus ceramics teacher Jody Cooper is throwing open the doors to her studio after hours to offer her expert instruction to faculty and staff. The clay classes provide her adult students a chance to interact with their peers and learn something knew.