Amazing Aaron

Working as a nurse during a pandemic can be a stressful job, but Aaron Newlow took on the responsibility as the head nurse for the OVS community with ease. 

This Test is Optional

With many colleges not requiring SAT/ACT tests from applicants applying for fall 2021, seniors are left deciding whether or not to submit those scores.

From Camping to College

Environmental enthusiast Andrew Thacher has a love for the outdoors, and it is apparent to everyone around him. His passion for camping and the natural world has caught the attention of great schools.

The Great Return

Feeling the strength of community and the radiation of gratitude throughout the campus, OVS senior Adam Pepper-Macias—who serves as publications editor for On The Hill— reflects on his experiences after returning to in-person learning.

Casting Ballots

If OVS students had their way, Joe Biden would have been president on Tuesday night. Those were the results of a school-wide mock election held this week at OVS, which had Mr. Biden winning the presidential election 75% to 25%.