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A Day to Remember

Martin Luther King Jr.'s teachings, philosophies, and legacy are commemorated every year and continue to remain extremely significant, especially with the current civil unrest and need for racial justice. Ojai Valley School made sure to call needed attention to MLK day and its great relevance today.

Year of the Ox

Freshman Allyanna Westcott has been named the winner of the school's annual Lunar New Year Greeting Card contest, providing a digital depiction of a sleepy ox to ring in the holiday.

Elite Equestrian

Class of 2020 OVS graduate, Caspian Ellis is a dedicated and talented equestrian who competes around the country. This year was her last year competing at Nationals as a Junior rider, and she is ready to begin her career as an adult in the equestrian world.


They’re In!

The first wave of college acceptances are rolling in for the Ojai Valley School Class of 2021, bringing early news of dream school acceptances and bright futures already for more than half of the OVS seniors. 

The Road Untraveled

For OVS international students, the shadowy uncertainty that has been cast by the Coronavirus has fostered doubt, depression, fear, and apprehension as they consider whether to return to the Upper Campus for the second semester. 

This Test is Optional

With many colleges not requiring SAT/ACT tests from applicants applying for fall 2021, seniors are left deciding whether or not to submit those scores.


Amazing Aaron

Working as a nurse during a pandemic can be a stressful job, but Aaron Newlow took on the responsibility as the head nurse for the OVS community with ease. 

Staff Profile: Jose L. Maldonado

We all know him as the ray of sunshine that loves to give students a ride up the hill in his little tractor. Jose L. Maldonado is a key member of the equestrian team  at Ojai Valley School’s Upper Campus, performing a range of duties from feeding the horses to barn upkeep.


These Boots Were Made For Riding

After much hard work, the OVS Upper and Lower Campus barns have reopened and welcomed back riders. The equestrian staffs on both campuses have worked tirelessly to get the signature program up and running again.

Web Workouts

In an effort to help students remain active and keep spirits high, OVS nursing assistant and girls soccer coach Paloma Sandoval hosts twice-weekly workout sessions over Google Meet.

Seasons Cut Short

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, one crucial aspect of many people's lives is being greatly affected: sports. From amateurs to professionals, athletes have had their passions put on hold. Hear from three high school seniors whose last varsity seasons have been called off.

The Arts

Art Apart

Ms. Hersk and the OVS art students are adapting to the current circumstances and making the most out of class despite the online format.

Painting A Pandemic

When Senior Angela Qu chose the focus of her AP Art portfolio -- the beauty of infectious diseases under the microscope -- there's no way she could've ever known that six months later it would become such a global topic.

The Bigger Picture